The work on the film was initiated by finding 35mm film materials shot in August 1968 that had not been published yet. It is a very special find. However, nobody knows who shot it and whom he captured. It is not possible to identify some of the places either.

The author of the documentary presents archive material to the public and he launches the search for its origin. He looks for people captured in the film shots or at least immediate witnesses of the events. The people who have responded enter the film as protagonists. Amateur filmmakers who succeeded in capturing scenes from August 1968 give their testimonies as well. The theme of the search becomes secondary over the time. The film covers the events from August 1968 to the beginning of so called normalization. It is evident from the testimonies that for many characters from the film it was a turning point that fundamentally changed their lives. They had to re-evaluate their ideals and take stands with long-term consequences. These strong personal stories together with the unique archive material are the moving force of the film resulting into a society-wide reflection of our collective history that forms our present to a great extend.


Script, Director: Jan Šikl
DOP: Adam Oľha
Editor: Jan Daňhel
Script Advisor: Lucie Králová
Producer: Alice Tabery
Co-producer: Czech Television (Petr Kubica), Pragafilm (Jan Šikl)