Adam Ondra was a child prodigy. Since his early childhood, he has astonished the world with his performance in climbing and until these days, the news about his success are about pushing the limits of human abilities. Adam was obsessed with climbing already as a little boy and even today climbing is one hundred per cent of his life. For Adam, the everyday hard work and overcoming oneself that some people might see as sacrificing are the means to freedom. Having climbed the world’s most difficult route last year, Adam starts to get ready for a new challenge: The Summer Olympics that will take place in 2020 in Tokyo.

An intimate portrait of an inner desire of a human for a perfect performance of a movement that is the only one leading to the goal and overcoming of what has been possible. Adam’s conscious work with a spiritual energy that builds on old Chinese disciplines reveals an unusual dimension of high performance sport. The documentary will present Adam’s family, which is a kind of a small community of climbers since Adam’s mother, father and sister are enthusiastic climbers, supporting Adam’s focus from the very beginning.

Through Adam Ondra, we follow the transformation of sport climbing and sport in general and the influence of commercial pressure, mass media and the audience longing for a show that climbing competitions have turned into. In contrast with loneliness that accompanies Adam during his everyday trainings and with the beautiful nature that surrounds him when he climbs on the rocks, at the end of the film we find ourselves at the biggest sport event ever, the Summer Olympic Games where Adam has come with only one goal – to win the golden medal.

Script, Director, Camera: Jan Šimánek, Petr Záruba
Script Advisor: Tomáš Potočný
Sound: Daniel Covi, Martin Stýblo
Sound Design: Philippe Gozlan
Head of Production: Kristina Škodová
Producer: Alice Tabery
Coproducers: Czech Television (Věra Krincvajová, Helena Uldrichová), Jump Cut (Luca Sebastiano Insinga)
Associate producer: Stefilm (Edoardo Fracchia)

Supported by: Czech Film Fund, South Moravian Film Fund, Trentino Film Commission, Mibact

The project was presented at East Doc Platform in March 2019