„We have all been there and it has not affected us in any way.“

The director of the film Tereza Reichová explores the topic of the state education in the form of a research paper – in chapters that vary in theme and form, she searches for the relation between the functioning of the school system and the conditions of the Czech society. What has to change?

Why is it not enough to increase teachers’ salaries and send a child to the best school in the neighbourhood? A documentary about what would change the Czech education system in the direction of e.g. the Finnish one, which is considered the mecca of education systems. The film deals with a question of why should we aim at this at all.

Especially in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc, state education is often discussed. Every state sees this question differently but discussions and conflicts on this topic are present everywhere. There are no bright prospects without a good education system. Not only for children but also for economics, culture and democracy.

The film with a working title Chapters from a Thesis deals with important questions where the Czech education system is heading, what it should look like and what would help to make it beneficial for everybody.

The author uses the possibilities of a fiction film, a pure documentary observation and e.g. her field research diary. Chapter by chapter, she asks research questions and in each chapter, she processes them with a different visual approach. She guides the audience through images, reflections and dialogues while focusing on particular topics.

The film uncovers the core of each significant issue of the broad problematics. The foundations of high-quality education stand on several foundation stones represented by a child, a group of children, a parent, a teacher and the system. The collapse of any of them leads to the collapse of the whole structure. Step by step, the film answers the questions of why and how is it important to encourage the post soviet education system to be more courageous and change substantially.

Chapters from a Thesis are not only about the education system. The film is also an essay, supporting the fact that an individual is as important as the whole. The fact that the whole needs diversity to make it move. And the fact that caring for every child without exceptions is worth it.

Script, Director: Tereza Reichová
Script Advisor: Lukáš Kokeš
Camera: Jan Šípek, Vladimír Turner
Editor: Kateřina Krutská Vrbová
Producer: Kristina Škodová, Alice Tabery

Supported by: Czech Film Fund, The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague