Why is vaccination compulsory in CZ when most West European countries give parents a choice? Aren’t doctors vaccinating too early? Do Czech parents even have sufficient information? Documentarist Tereza Reichová and her husband, Hynek Reich Štětka, look for answers to these and other questions. The birth of their daughter Žofka brought with it concerns for her health. The couple armed themselves with a camera and filmed anything that could influence their decision to vaccinate their daughter or not. During discussions with paediatricians, the Ministry of Health, friends, Žofka’s grandmother, and each other, they discovered that forming a clear and well-founded opinion is by no means easy.

World Premiere:  One World IFF 2017


Director: Tereza Reichová, Hynek Reich Štětka
Script consultant: Hynek Trojánek
Editor: Jiří Procházka
Script Advisor: Jan Gogola ml., Martin Mareček, Karolína Zalabáková, Richard Komárek
DOP: Vladimír Turner, Jan Šípek
Music: Martin Tvrdý
Sound: Eliška Blauberová
Producer: Alice Tabery
© Cinepoint, Czech Television, FAMU 2017