Feature documentary project about Czech-Swiss artist, photographer and experimental filmmaker Jan Jedlička, an emigrant who found his new artistic home in Maremma region in Tuscany (Italy). A meditation about our perception of a landscape, its influence on a human and about the inner landscape that we carry inside ourselves.

The artist Jan Jedlicka lost the landscape of his youth. The political situation after 1968 forced him to emigrate. He settled down in Switzerland. A documentary film aims at mapping a fourth-year-long journey during which Jedlicka has stubbornly searched for his way to pronounce a landscape with artistic means; to express it in its truth and essence. A characteristic feature of Jedlička’s works is earthiness. He collects colourful rocks and clods, from which he produces pigments that he uses in his paintings. The pictured landscape thus, becomes also the means (the pigments) of its image. In the abundance of unlimited digital possibilities, he goes back to the most archaic methods of recording the world.


Script, Director: Petr Záruba
DOP: Miroslav Janek
Editor: Pavel Kolaja
Script Advisor: Marek Šindelka
Sound: Vladimír Chrastil
Music: Matouš Hejl
Producer: Alice Tabery
Co-producer: Czech Television (Věra Krincvajová), Mammut Film – Italy (Ilaria Mallagutti)

In cooperation with Prague City Gallery

Supported by: Czech Film Fund, Tuscany Film Commission

Project was presented at Docu Talents from the East (Sarajevo IFF 2018) and was part of Dok incubator CZ 2019.